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Auto Insurance Adsense Keyword List

Auto Insurance is a hugely competitive niche with very high payouts for Adsense publishers. In fact the ad cost is so high for the keywords in this list you are going to be blown away. The keyword list we have on offer is relatively small but the phrases are low competition and 26 of them have between 100 and 1000 searches a month in Google. It has a high amount of advertiser competition with an average of 11.1 million searches on Google for terms that contain this phrase in the US alone every month.
Auto Insurance Average Search Volume ( ):
You will also note above that there is high advertiser competition. In fact at the time of writing there are 25.1 million results in Google for "auto insurance" - that's exact keyword phrase competition. In a market as competitive as this you need to target the long tail keywords we have compiled in our package. This list is dynamite and we are offering it at a very special price of $14.95.
Auto Insurance Low Competition Adsense Keyword List Set:
  • Only 50 sets of this low competition list will ever be sold
  • This list contains 33 keyword phrases about Auto Insurance with <50,000 exact phrase competition
  • 25 of these keyword phrases have <35,000 exact phrase competition
  • 33 of these keyword phrases have an advertiser cost between $7 and $35
  • Many of these phrases have SEVERAL HUNDRED searches a month in Google alone. A very small number of visitors can mean big payouts for you in this niche as an Adsense Publisher.
  • ___________ auto insurance has an average of 1000 searches a month
  • auto insurance ___________ has an average of 880 searches a month
  • Cost: $14.95


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