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Lose Weight WSO Keyword List

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The market for "lose weight" is huge with no shortage of ways to monetize sites created in this niche. This is an ideal niche for Adsense publishers and Affiliate marketers ( to find products just do a search on Clickbank and CPA networks ). Every month people search on average 823,000 times on Google on terms that contain this phrase in the US alone.
Lose Weight Average Search Volume ( ):
You will also note above that there is high advertiser competition. In fact at the time of writing there are over 25 million results in Google for "lose weight" - that's exact keyword phrase competition. So, this is a competitive market where you could definitely benefit from going for the low hanging fruit keywords or face the prospect of being completely buried in the search results for more competitive phrases. 
You will also see that the trend below shows that interest has been consistently increasing over the last 5 years in this niche and has recently broken out of this long term trend channel:
Lose Weight Low Competition Keyword List Set:
  • This keyword list is only available for FREE to members of the Warrior Forum
  • This list has been specially compiled for suitability for both Adsense publishers and Affiliate Marketers
  • This list contains 73 keyword phrases about Lose Weight with <100,000 exact phrase competition
  • This list contains 46 keyword phrases with <50,000 exact phrase competition
  • 23 of these keyword phrases have <20,000 exact phrase competition
  • 69 of these keyword phrases have an advertiser cost between $1.00 and just under $3.50
  • 15 of these keyword phrases have 1000 or more searches a month
  • Cost: FREE to members of the Warrior Forum

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